Wrinkle Reduction

What is the new technology for wrinkle reduction?

  • As we get older, we experience a loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis of our skin.
  • This creates lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
  • The wrinkle reduction technology uses a combination of laser and radiofrequency (RF) energies to significantly improve the appearance of the skin on the face and neck.
  • Primary targets are the nasal labial folds around the mouth and the wrinkles around the eyes.
  • It works by using the laser to preheat the wrinkles which is further heated by the RF
  • This heating stimulates the immediate contraction of the collagen bundles which tightens the skin above it, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Following collagen contracture, a gradual process of new collagen remodeling begins
  • Full results of the new collagen remodeling are seen in three to six months
  • What you see is a noticeable reduction in the shadow depth of the nasal labial folds and the wrinkles around the eye (crow’s feet).

How often are the treatments, is there downtime, and how much does it cost?

  • One treatment every three weeks
  • The treatment does not hurt and there is no downtime
  • The cost of each treatment is $250

Can it be combined with other treatments for greater effect?

  • Although this can be a stand-alone treatment, it is designed to complement the skin rejuvenation and then the skin tightening treatments for optimum results.
  • This treatment constitutes the third and final treatment in the Triniti Program.
  • The Triniti Program is the combination of three separate treatments all done in succession at the same visit.
  • The first treatment (after the microdermabrasion) is the Skin Rejuvenation which corrects for discoloration, large pores and uneven texture of the skin.
  • The second treatment is the Skin Tightening treatment which tightens the skin.
  • The third treatment is the this Wrinkle Reduction.

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