Hair Removal Using the Latest elos technology

What is the latest technology for hair removal?

  • The new elos technology combines both light (diode laser) and radiofrequency (RF) energies to thermally damage hair follicles
  • This combined power source replaces older diode lasers which used high power that was uncomfortable and could not be used on darker skin types
  • Topical anesthetics are not required as the treatments do not hurt
  • The laser recycles quickly, thus taking less time, thus less cost

What areas do we treat and how much do they cost per treatment?

  • Lip & chin: $79
  • Underarms: $75
  • Regular bikini: $75
  • Underarms & bikini: $99
  • Chest or Abdomen: $149
  • Full back: $299
  • Partial leg: $175
  • Full legs: $299
  • Back & shoulders: $399
Package prices are to prepay for five treatments and get the sixth one free.

How many treatments will I need and how often do I do them?

  • Areas above the neck are performed once every four weeks
  • Areas below the neck are performed once every six weeks
  • The average person will require six to twelve treatments and periodic maintenance
  • Generally, the higher power someone can tolerate, the better the results

Who does these treatments?

  • Either Dr. Ricke or our trained R.N. will do them
  • Female R.N.’s are available on most Thursdays and some Saturdays

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