Esthetician Services

For more info please contact:
Susie Savage
Phone: 619.987.7874

What is an esthetician?

  • Someone who is trained and knowledgeable
    about the skin, skin care treatments
    and skin care products
  • We have one, and her name is Susie.

What does she do?

  • Microdermabrasions
  • Ultrasonic pore cleansing
  • Chemical peels
  • Customized skin consultations
  • Expert in skin care products that would be beneficial to you

What is a microdermabrasion?

  • Is the application of high speed crystals against the face under suction
  • Exfoliates or ‘sandblasts’ off the dead outer layer of skin
  • Makes your skin shiny and more reflective of light
  • Some patients come once a month for years

Can’t I do this at home?

  • There are chemical exfoliates and devices you can use at phome
  • They do not have the necessary vacuum to get into the deeper layers as a professional machine does
  • A medical grade microdermabrasion result cannot be duplicated at home

What is an ultrasonic pore cleansing?

  • A spatula is applied to the surface of the skin that is attached to an oscillating device
  • This spatula oscillates at 28,000 rpm
  • It goes just below the surface of the skin, oscillating out dead cells and bacteria from clogged pores and blackheads
  • Once you have had a micro-scrub, your face is mechanically clean as it can get

What kind of chemical peels do we use?

  • We use rather mild chemical peels and do not do deep, surgical type peelst
  • Use chemicals such as glycolic acid to exfoliate the dead layer of skint
  • Slightly deeper level than that achieved by the microdermabrasiont
  • Which is why they call it a peel, because you do have some peeling for 2-3 days

What kind of skin care products do we use?

  • We use professional grade skin care products that contain the latest technology in the science
    of skin care
  • They are bio-active substances that biochemically do something to improve the appearance of the skin vs. decorative cosmetics that just cover the skin
  • The products we use are sold only to doctors
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